In you want to be prosperous as a business owner in this era of heightened technology; you surely have to play your cards right as far as online business and internet marketing are concerned. It is thus advisable that when looking for an expert to have your website created or revamped, you be aware of the common mistakes designers make. It can be quite helpful s you will clearly point out in your contract or conversation with them before you hire them, what you need your site to be like. You will of course have to consider their experience, reputation, and specialization as well as get some examples of sites they have designed before hiring them, but this might not be enough as much as user experience is crucial to your business.  This being the case, here are the 4 most common mistakes made by designers:

They Lose it on the Website Look And Feel by Overemphasizing

One of the most important internet users look at upon visiting a website is the look and feel, especially for the home page. It takes a matter of seconds before the internet surfer of today decides whether to stay on a website or not, just by looking at how content is organized the page layout, and how easy it is to scroll through the site. Well, it is common for some Designers to emphasize too much with the effort of making a web page more attractive. Unbeknownst to many, using too much of font tricks and color twists on the same page will only make the outlook more confusing and thus harder to entice. It is more advisable to ensure consistency of style, and most importantly, adapt to one style when creating your website. To keep your design inspiration alive and well, check out this site.

They Forget To Advice Their Clients about Site Speed

If you have at one time got into the internet researching about something and on finding a site link with the content you are looking for, the site tends to take ages just to load the home page. On waiting for more than two minutes, the link you click on takes another two minutes to load. The most likely thing to for an internet user of today is to probably click back and do a Google search again to find an alternative. In most cases, such sites are either full of high resolution images and videos, or are subscribed to low cost hosting services and thus have a lower bandwidth. This might not be the mistake of the website owner but rather the lack of appropriate advice about speed and internet hosting from the web graphics designer.


They Forget To Optimize For Mobile Adaptability

Another common mistake made by website designers is that they forget about the increase of mobile device use in accessing the internet. It has become evident that a larger proportion of the internet users of today access the World Wide Web via their mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, ipads, and the like. In comparison to the PCs and laptops, these normally have smaller screens and utilize a different technology of connectivity. They also have different applications and browsers to access the net. In some cases, fonts and layouts are distorted as well as the styles used on a site if it’s not designed for adaptability on mobile devices. It might not have an android app or IOS app version of it, but your site should be accessible and viewable on mobile HTML format in order to maximize viewership and web traffic. As a matter of fact, search engines have over the last few years had a tendency of ranking mobile adaptable sites higher than those that are not.

They Fail To Make It Easy To Navigate a Site

How a website is designed determines how fast it is for a visitor to quickly identify what they are looking for within a flash. This is what users of today are looking for, such that they don’t have to click numerous links in order to arrive at their destinations. Even though on page search engine optimization requires interlinking pages within a website for more effectiveness, the user interface should be designed in such a way that it is easy to navigate through for the user. However, most Designers forget to do this, maybe for their own personal benefits such as making the website structure look a bit more complicated for the owner in order to inflate costs or otherwise.





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