Everyone with a strategic plan to achieve success starts with a target in mind, about what and where they want to venture. If getting work from large companies is happens to be your will, the going can sometimes get quite rough and shaky. As much as the competition may be kind of stiff out there, it is normally not that excessively difficult to attract attention from large companies, getting them want to work with you. This being the case, here are 5 effective tips on how to solicit work from large companies

Research First

document check api . 강남가라오케 . & %RSYTR%45esrereERER online dating site . Branson hotels . 해외축구중계사이트 . check it out Before deciding on which large company you want to get work from, be sure to conduct a proper research. Know about their history, their ambitions and missions as well as some of the challenges they face. This is how you get to determine the loopholes from which you can gain entry. Be sure to take note of things that you can present on their table to bring additional value. Be sure to determine whether you will be able to cope in the environment, how their policies are and such information that will affect your productivity.

Network and Build a Heap of Contacts

In the world of business, let no one lie to you that you can easily attain success without knowing the right people at the right time for the right reasons. Be sure to create contacts with people in your line of business or specialization, especially those from large companies in the industry that you want to solicit work from. Having contacts create interaction and with networking comes opportunity as more and more people know about you. These contacts are the ones who’ll inform you about opportunities arising that you are interested in, so you stand to make your move the right time.

Additional tips in video below. Enjoy!

Improve You Communication Skills If Need Be

Negotiating deals with large companies is sometimes a hard task. Convincing them that your ideas or services are actually the best and proving that you are actually up to the task mostly occurs on the negotiating table. Additionally, most of these companies have a tendency of generalizing your potential based on how you express yourself. In order to successfully close a deal and solicit work from large companies, you should be able to speak in a professional language that is clear and concise.

If you suspect that you are likely to miss out on a deal due to your somewhat weak communication skills, think about a week’s communication skills class to prepare yourself ahead of the meeting or business interview. Be sure you can provide clear explanations to the why, how, when, what, which and the like. Just to mention a few, by these, most larger firms seek to determine what’s in it for them, how this will be done, why they should believe in you, and how much it’s going to cost them.


Sell Your Uniqueness, Creativity, and Effectiveness

Another important tip on how to solicit work from large companies is to know how to sell yourself and stand out from the crowd. This will mean discovering your unique strengths and using these as your main selling point on top of your products or services. This will be an added advantage. If possible you can also incorporate some ideas and strategies that can effectively brand the company more. You should use your professionalism as well as your creativity here. Also show them, that you have the needs of the end user of their customer in mind, and try to show them the solution provider you are and how effective you are in making the job easy. However, these should be done in a professional manner. Let them know of your flexibility and versatility in the projects you handle. For instance, an SEO Boston company is going to want to see how you handle various social media situations on the fly, since this kind of work requires immediate responses sometimes based on what happens in the news.

Think About Providing Cost Effective Solutions

Especially in today’s economy, companies are looking of ways they can reduce the cost of doing business in the most effective approach. They have a budget to adhere to, or even cut down depending on the alternatives availed to them. With this in mind, it can be advisable to try and incorporate the aspect of your cost effectiveness in their perspective. Try and show them how you will provide great value for their money. Make it known to the, just how much they’re going to gain and increase their productivity by having you around.




It is well known that customers can overreact on certain issues as long as you are working with them. It is easy to encounter a situation where a client is shouting, yelling, or throwing insults at you.

The most important thing when it comes to handling clients is to define and enforce professional boundaries clearly and early in advance. Act in a way that they depicts to the client, how they should address and treat you. But what if you receive poor treatment from new or even existing clients? Here are some few tips on this.

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Look At the Issue from the Client’s Perspective

Before you even decide to take action with your ill treating client, take time to get a reflection of the whole situation. This can be best done if you put yourself in their shoes and assume you’re the one feeling the pain or taking the action that you considered poor treatment. This way, you can be able to get an insight on how best to handle the situation, if perhaps you find yourself to be the one on the wrong.  And in this world of a highly competitive business environment, you can’t just run away from the fact that your customer is always right. Take time to remember that professionalism in business requires understanding and prowess in conflict resolution.

Gather Information

Clients themselves are human, and the most important thing is that we all have different ways of responding or reacting when faced with certain situations. It is thus imperative that you come up with a concerned approach of getting information from your client before going ahead and running into conclusions. In most cases, the client has very little to lose. Some of them even go ahead to try and damage business reputations, just from minor disappointments. The good thing is that you can prevent all this by getting their side of the story. However, it is also important to know your customer firsthand, even before such poor treatments arise, so that you can know how best to treat them in advance.

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Apologize Professionally and Empathetically

When you find yourself on the wrong after gathering information or asking your client some questions, it doesn’t kill to admit imperfections. Even the client themselves probably know that as long as we’re human, slight errors occur here and there. Be empathetic and don’t transfer the blame to others. Make it your responsibility to apologize on behalf of the business, even if you may not necessarily have to be the business owner. The beauty of apologizing is that it makes the customer feel superior and respected, and this can be a huge opportunity to create a long lasting professional relationship especially if you are able to address the problem or the concern right there and then.

Have the Problem Fixed

In most cases, you may find that clients who treat you poorly did so due to a minor issue such as delivery of the wrong product, incomplete package, service that was half done, or overcharging. These are issues that you can have solved as quickly as you can, even before apologizing for it or even having to getting their side of the story. However, some issues might be a little complex and way beyond your control. Just treat the client with dignity in such a case, and let them know you are doing everything you can to have them sorted out. There is a great story about a Rhode Island granite countertop professional who brought and irate customer flowers after some handiwork had cracked. It started off the repair process on the right foot. She left him a great review which resulted in more referral business than he had before!

Always Be Looking For New Clients If the Matter Can’t Be Solved

Sometimes you just have to face it; that some working relationships just won’t materialize. This is specially the case with clients who treat you poorly and consistently display cunning or aggressive behaviors. As much as you want every single sale for your business, you can as well choose to avoid a client that you don’t like working with if you have alternatives. With the stress of dealing with the difficult client gone, you can even get relief of mind, which can significantly boost your morale and productivity alike.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid aggressively fighting back or insulting your rogue client – This can be suicidal to business.
  • Don’t respond to accusations, but professionally put the facts straight instead.
  • Avoid discussing you business or personal life – It will put more salt to the injury.

Below you’ll find a helpful video from the London Business School on “Conflict Resolution in Teams”.





Everyone has a place from where they earn a living. If working from home is how you make your ends meet, you are probably enjoying a great deal of benefits such as freedom, flexibility, more time with friends and family and savings on gas or travel. As much as the benefits are numerous, there are also some drawbacks, especially when it comes to getting work done effectively and efficiently. Here are some few tips on how to get work done when working from home.

  • Have A Daily To-Do List and Stick To It

The use of sticky notes, diary, and other office stationery is quite important when it comes to working from home. Identify the tasks you need done at the beginning and end of each day and list them down for your reference. Make a to-do list of all activities within your business hours and be sure to stick to it. Keep track of pending and completed projects and assignments each day and have a way of determining what is to be done first and fast. Work on a priorities basis.

  • Develop an Office Mentality and Create Comfort

If you work from home, the major assumption is that you already have a small office, even if it’s a desk at the corner of a room in your home. This may however not be enough. If you are to be better in what you do and get work done more effectively and efficiently, you need to develop an office mentality. Wake up every day and get dressed up as if you are actually going out for work in a ‘real office’. This can keep you mind and body energetic and in better shape as compared to working in your shorts of possibly pajamas. In addition to these, be sure to invest in enhancing comfort at your working desk. Buy ergonomically ideal seats with comfortable padding material and ideal support. This will get you to like what you do more, meaning your get work done more effectively.

Watch this cute video with working at home tips!

  • Avoid Distractions – Forget that you’re Home

Another reason why working from home and getting the work done in time might be challenging for a great number of people is that there are quite a number of distractions to deal with. A friend may stop by; a neighbor may come along to catch up, your partner or fiancée, kids if you have any, and much more including your own temptations to take breaks when you’re supposed to be working. To avoid most of these distractions and disruptions, forget that you are at home, and make other people respect your work by being clear about your working hours. Set some clear boundaries, keep away from the home phone and let it get through to voice mail during business hours. It’s also important to let your neighbor know that you work from home, just so they won’t disrupt your focus with irregular visits or loud music and other forms of noise.

  • Have A Clear Working Schedule

Well; this might seem to many people, as the hardest part of working from home. Well, the real truth is that it actually is. Developing a working schedule with clearly indicated working hours is one thing, but adhering to it is completely another. It requires discipline of high order as well as some time planning skills. You might as well consider taking a time management class or use reminder software applications together with your desk alarm to improve this.

  • Have a Definite Personal Time

It is not uncommon to find yourself prioritizing on your personal stuff, or activities such as cleaning at the expense of getting work done when working from home. In most cases, this happens when one does not have a clear definition of their personal time. To avoid this, include your personal time in planning your day. Accommodate time for taking breaks, going to the gym, getting cleaned up, and other activities depending on what you consider personal involvement.

  • Utilize Tech Tools

There are numerous tools online, which you can use to your advantage when working from home. Communication tools such as Google hangouts, as well as cloud storage applications such as Google drive will do you a great deal of benefit. With cloud technology, you don’t have to be at your home office desk every time you need to access some files from your laptop or PC.

  • Enjoy the Flexibility

Humans are social beings but sometimes working from home can bring a certain degree of solitude in one’s life. Just because you are meeting a friend for lunch at the restaurant across the street doesn’t mean that you should abandon your work. In most cases, works from home jobs are flexible and non-supervised.  Bring your laptop instead to the restaurant and work while you catch up. It can even be fun and relieving, as change is as good as rest.





In you want to be prosperous as a business owner in this era of heightened technology; you surely have to play your cards right as far as online business and internet marketing are concerned. It is thus advisable that when looking for an expert to have your website created or revamped, you be aware of the common mistakes designers make. It can be quite helpful s you will clearly point out in your contract or conversation with them before you hire them, what you need your site to be like. You will of course have to consider their experience, reputation, and specialization as well as get some examples of sites they have designed before hiring them, but this might not be enough as much as user experience is crucial to your business.  This being the case, here are the 4 most common mistakes made by designers:

They Lose it on the Website Look And Feel by Overemphasizing

One of the most important internet users look at upon visiting a website is the look and feel, especially for the home page. It takes a matter of seconds before the internet surfer of today decides whether to stay on a website or not, just by looking at how content is organized the page layout, and how easy it is to scroll through the site. Well, it is common for some Designers to emphasize too much with the effort of making a web page more attractive. Unbeknownst to many, using too much of font tricks and color twists on the same page will only make the outlook more confusing and thus harder to entice. It is more advisable to ensure consistency of style, and most importantly, adapt to one style when creating your website. To keep your design inspiration alive and well, check out this site.

They Forget To Advice Their Clients about Site Speed

If you have at one time got into the internet researching about something and on finding a site link with the content you are looking for, the site tends to take ages just to load the home page. On waiting for more than two minutes, the link you click on takes another two minutes to load. The most likely thing to for an internet user of today is to probably click back and do a Google search again to find an alternative. In most cases, such sites are either full of high resolution images and videos, or are subscribed to low cost hosting services and thus have a lower bandwidth. This might not be the mistake of the website owner but rather the lack of appropriate advice about speed and internet hosting from the web graphics designer.


They Forget To Optimize For Mobile Adaptability

Another common mistake made by website designers is that they forget about the increase of mobile device use in accessing the internet. It has become evident that a larger proportion of the internet users of today access the World Wide Web via their mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, ipads, and the like. In comparison to the PCs and laptops, these normally have smaller screens and utilize a different technology of connectivity. They also have different applications and browsers to access the net. In some cases, fonts and layouts are distorted as well as the styles used on a site if it’s not designed for adaptability on mobile devices. It might not have an android app or IOS app version of it, but your site should be accessible and viewable on mobile HTML format in order to maximize viewership and web traffic. As a matter of fact, search engines have over the last few years had a tendency of ranking mobile adaptable sites higher than those that are not.

They Fail To Make It Easy To Navigate a Site

How a website is designed determines how fast it is for a visitor to quickly identify what they are looking for within a flash. This is what users of today are looking for, such that they don’t have to click numerous links in order to arrive at their destinations. Even though on page search engine optimization requires interlinking pages within a website for more effectiveness, the user interface should be designed in such a way that it is easy to navigate through for the user. However, most Designers forget to do this, maybe for their own personal benefits such as making the website structure look a bit more complicated for the owner in order to inflate costs or otherwise.






Sustainable growth of business requires you as the entrepreneur to always be looking for new leads. If you rely on only a small bunch of customers, it makes your business more vulnerable to decline or collapse just in case you lose one or a few of them. It is a common occurrence that sometimes business deals go soar and client – business relationships sometimes take the unpleasant route without one’s liking, which sometimes is beyond the owner’s control.

If you happen to lose a customer, the gap should be sealed as fast as possible. Even with aggressive cross marketing efforts and a good customer at base, you still need to dedicate some effort to find new clients. As a matter of fact, waiting until you lose the one or a few in your current client contacts can be a futile approach in business. In order to increase the sustainability of your business, avoid cash flow crises and grow your brand to the next level, you need to aggressively seek new clients, and here are some good tips you should practice:

  • Know Your Target Market and use your existing clients

Start by asking yourself, what kind of new clients you need, and come up with a contact profile of prospective customers. Consider what they might be lacking, or needing in particular, and figure out a way to deliver. Incentives, offers, and discounts may also be used on your existing clients to get references and ensure that they market your business for you. If they are impressed and satisfied, they definitely will spread the word.


  • Set Up Clear Goals

Each and every business operation requires a pace setter and motivate. Start by asking yourself, what you’ll be achieving from the new clients you find. In order to have an effective way of tracking progress in future, you need to have some goals and targets with a defined timeline within which they should be achieved and an effective strategy to be used. You can say you need 5 new clients by the end of the month, which will translate into an increase in profit margin by about 15%. However, targets should be realistic, otherwise, they’ll be demoralizing in case very little is achieved by the end of the defined timeline.

  • Networking! Networking! Networking!

Did I talk about networking? Your business requires meeting not only new people, but a network of important people as well. There are numerous events and business communities you can get yourself involved in within your local area, which can be key to showcase your business. if you get an event with the right exposure, go out there and request a chance to speak in as many as you can. Sell your brand in such forums. Additionally, you just can’t afford to lose out on the numerous business leads in online networking platforms. Create a stunning profile on each of the social media platforms and blogs where most of your target clients are and be sure to join conversations pertaining to your area of specialization. Get your Twitter account set up like Rhode Island SEO and post it on your other social profiles. You will be shocked how many new clients you can get within a short time period if networking is done right, through the right approaches and channels. You can even hire a social media manager or SEO agency for the online part of it if don’t have much time at your disposal.

  • Take Your Business Online

This should actually have been the first item on the list. If you are not yet selling your products and services online, then you are in for a heavy battle with your competition. This age and day requires online presence for many reasons; today’s products and services customer is a person looking for convenience, efficiency, and ease of getting information. Consider looking for an expert website designer and take your shop online and clients will come to you instead of you going to them. Consider investing in cost friendlier ways of advertising online, such as PPC advertising, social media campaigns and the like. Get an SEO company on your side and get your Facebook fan page set up like the Rhode Island SEO Facebook page, for example. Be sure to be creative, and offer to your target market, what your competitor is not.

  • Do Some Business Image Remodeling

If you have a website through which you promote your business products and services online, time comes to also analyze and find out which of your online marketing strategies are working and which ones are not. For those that are working, such as SEO, consider investing more on them, and substitute or modify the ones that are not. You could also decide to revamp your website graphics design to make it more attractive and productive. Anything is possible here as far as freshening up your business image to find new clients. At times it might take changing your business name or logo, depending on the specific circumstances.